Why Orthodox Judaism Is Becoming More Influential On Millennials

Why Orthodox Judaism Is Becoming More Influential On Millennials

Why Orthodox Judaism Is Becoming More Influential On Millennials

Millennials embracing Orthodox Jewish rules, rituals and tradition over freedom, leisure, and other comforts.

Orthodox Judaism is an active choice, and a lot of young Americans are making that choice. Nowadays, in Houston, and other parts of America, you will be able to find young Jews in their 20s and 30s opting to observe Sabbath strictly, rather than spending their free time in leisure, fun, and other activities. Observing the Sabbath strictly is by no means a small feat. It involves shutting yourself out from the outside world completely, no phones, no music, no driving, and so on. Traditional religious observance no longer appeals to young Americans. Many young Jews connect with Judaism in terms as their identity or ancestry, rather than a religion. This is according to a Pew Research Center report.

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A lot of young Jews identify themselves as Orthodox more than Jews over the age of 50. It is also a fact that these young Jews choose their lifestyles, practically. For example, in a modern Orthodox synagogue, you will be able to find its young congregants wearing American-style clothing, women leaving their hair uncovered, and so on. Most of them hold jobs in various industries, like medicine, IT companies, and so on. They also keep their kosher homes as well. However, when it comes to observing Sabbath, and other religious traditions, they do not make any compromise. In effect, the young American Orthodox Jews observe their religious traditions strictly, however, they are also willing to negotiate them to fit into the distinct American culture as well.

According to a Pew research, the American Orthodox Jewish community is dominated by young people. Compared to other Jews, they have twice as many children. Politically, they lean towards the Republican party. Of the 5.3 million Jewish population in the United States, 10% are Orthodox Jews. Modern Orthodoxy is only 31%, the majority of which is Haredi, 62%. As per the researchers, this trend will continue, which means that in the future, the political and cultural sectors of American Jewish community will be shaped by Orthodox Jews. 69% of the Orthodox Jews are married. A typical young Orthodox Jew will get married by the age of 24. In comparison, the other Jewish population gets married only at a later age. Also, when it comes to children, Orthodox Jews have more children than the other Jews.

Now, when it comes to Britain, it has been concluded that half of the Jews of Britain will soon become Orthodox Jews (Haredi), probably before the end of the 21st century. This is according to a study conducted by the British in their Jewish communities. One of the reasons for this is the accelerating birth rates in the Haredi community. The report has asked the leaders of the Orthodox Jewish community to take note of the population boom.


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