Case Keenum third best moment of his life

By Keith Allison from Hanover, MD, USA (Case Keenum) [CC BY-SA 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons

Keenum’s teammates affirm his Christian faith.

Case Keenum, the Vikings Quarterback, called his victory over New Orleans Saints in the NFC Divisional Playoff on January 14 a “special” winning touchdown and the third best life moment. When asked about the top two, he said giving his life to Jesus Christ and then his marriage to his wife.

The winning touchdown has clearly changed Keenum's sports career. He was just known as a quarterback a few months ago. Minnesota Vikings fans now know him as the player who led the team to a victory in the NFL. His winning moves are already being hailed as one of the best instances of gameplay in the history of American football.  Many fans have termed it “Minneapolis Miracle.”

The Vikings were behind before that decisive winning moment. They were down by 24 to 23 to the New Orleans Saints with 10 seconds remaining and no timeouts. Keenum and Wide Receiver Stefon Diggs, connected via an amazing throw which resulted in the 61-yard touchdown as time expired. This provided the Vikings their all-important and crucial win, pushing the team into NFC Championship Game. Diggs was in awe of the play, giving all the credit to God. He gave his thanks to his teammates and the coaches for the opportunity they have given him to pull it off. He said that he is thankful to God for helping him get to this positive circumstance.

Keenum said that “God is so good.” He said that the event is the third best moment in his life, after giving his life to the care of Christ and marriage to his wife. The Twitter biography of Keenum says simple “Isaiah 40:31.” The verse says that the Lord will renew the strength of those who keep their hope in the Almighty.

Adam Thielen, another wide receiver of the Vikings, described the historic play as helped by God. Thielen said prior to the game that Keenum is a real adherent to his Christian faith. He said that not only the quarterback talk about his faith, he lives as per the faith as well. It has helped him to be a much better person.


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