Paula White was investigated in 2007 for improper financial donations.

Paula White, the televangelist and now spiritual adviser to President Donald J. Trump of the United States, has suggested that everyone should donate their first month of the year's salary to her ministry. The result of this benevolence, she said, is that the people who have donated will enjoy a positive transformation of their lives. She also warned that not doing so will result in divine retribution.

The donation, White suggested, must only be made to her ministries. This action honors the “first fruit” principle. The idea behind this concept is that all the firsts are for God, including the first harvest of the year. It also implies the year's first salary-the January one. Keeping the January salary means insulting God.

“When you present your first fruits offering up any size. I want to get to you my book and that book is the principle first fruits. That first things first, all first belonged to God. I lay this out in extreme detail, then for your first fruits offering and you can’t really say well….”

White claimed that she herself contributes her own pay of one month every calendar year to God as “seed.” As per prosperity gospel, this seed is going to make the giver rich and bestow on him a number of other blessings. She called others to follow her example, and donate a month's salary, a week's, and as a bare minimum a day's pay. It is curious that God wants people who want to donate to give to her ministries only.

“But it just cost us certain amount of money to get things to you to air to get the gospel out etc.”White knows the power of the Internet. This is the reason she wants the audience to donate money preferably via the Internet. She told that too, exhorting her followers to click the donate button. Only by clicking the button, she implied, that they can honor the power of God. The details are all made out in her video which can be viewed on her website. The website shows her encouraging followers to donate only to her ministries in order to serve God.

Known for hobnobbing with President Trump, she said a prayer during the presidential inauguration. She asked God to give Trump the needed confidence to lead the United States in righteousness and justice. She also requested the Almighty the much-required compassion so that people will submit themselves to the better angels.

The Pentecostal televangelist has spoken out to defend the mental alacrity of Donald Trump. She did so to rebut a book which is a tell-all. White was one of the few televangelists who was investigated of financial skulduggery in donations in 2007.


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