“State of the Bible” Study: 41.6 Million of Americans Turn to the Bible for Answers

Strong relationship with God has a more meaningful life

The annual “State of the Bible” study conducted by the American Bible Society has released new results about the number of people who read the Bible as well as the impact that it has on their lives . The study was done to learn more about the changing way that Americans approach religion, specifically Christianity.

One of the first findings of the study discovered was the fact that a lot of people were looking for wisdom and guidance through the Bible. In particular, the study revealed that 21 million people were looking to the Bible for guidance, wisdom and understanding everyday aspects of their life.

Another thing the study discovered is 14.9 million people previously disengaged with the Bible have taken the time to return to the book. This is important because there is a growing trend towards people that have abandoned religion entirely, especially in the western world. However, these people who have returned to the teachings of the Bible are representative of groups of people in need of guidance in their lives and are going against the secularizing trends in the U.S.

But not all is well in the realm of people who are looking into the Bible as a source of guidance in their lives. The study found that nearly 10 million individuals who described themselves as “Bible-centered” have had less engagement with the book this last year than in the past. Still, there are vast swaths of the United States that interacts with the Bible in some way or the other.

Better still, the fact remains that the people who do interact with the Bible do have some interesting traits in common for the most part. People who use the Bible are a little more generous with their time and money, tend to be a bit more accepting of people from other races, and the way that the Bible makes them think about their decisions with their daily lives.


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