Selena Gomez Says She is a Child of God

Selena Gomez Says She is A Child of God

Selena Gomez Says She is a Child of God

Gomez attained this realization on her 23rd birthday.

Selena Gomez, the well-known pop singer, recently told everyone about her personal Christian faith. During her testimony at a Hillsong Church conference, she proclaimed that she is a child of God. The singer, also known for acting in a few films, attends the same church Justin Bieber, her love interest, also attends.

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Hillsong Church is known as the church attended by a number of celebrities. The 25-year-old Latina singer is one of them. Gomez shared with her audience a letter she has written to herself when she was 15 years old. The note had details concerning her life at that age. She wrote that she had faith at 15 years of age, but have no idea of what she had faith in. She had also written that she was pursued by God who made her and called her his. She still had no concept of the almighty beyond a nightly prayer and was also unaware that the relationship between God and herself will be the most important ever. She wrote the letter as a form of release from the mighty pressure imposed on her as an idol and celebrity.

Gomez told her audience that it was galling to see her mistakes bared to the world. The result of this sudden fame was that she was completely picked apart. The emotionally susceptible singer bared all to the congregation at the Hillsong Church conference. She told the audience how she began to feel consecutively smaller both on stage and off it. Unlike the popular perception that a performer is saved by the audience cheering, it does not do so. This was the reason the singer canceled her Revival live performance tour in 2017. In an interview to a famous fashion magazine, she admitted to being anxious and depressed. She spoke of panic attacks before and after every stage performance.

Gomez’s recovery from that phase brought her nearer to spirituality. She told the audience that she finally found her faith when she attained 23 years of age. God became “real” to her on her birthday. The Holy Spirit supposedly spoke to her. It said that she is enough as she is a child of God and she was pursued from the start. It then spoke more, saying that God has saved her and covered her. Every good thing she did and will do will start from this truth.


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