Satanist religion in video games

Satanists Are Using Videogames like Minecraft to Practice Their Religion

Satanist religion in video games

Players can be anything and merit rules supreme in these games

If there is one tenet Satanists go by, it is this: “Responsibility to the responsible.” This mantra is a cornerstone of devotees belonging to Church of Satan. This and other tenets have found applications in the many video game universes Satanists routinely play.

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Anton LaVey founded the Church of Satan in 1966. It began as a movement opposing the damage wrought by traditional social and religious norms. It was also meant to combat the stagnant status quo forced upon followers of mainstream religions. As per satanic philosophy, Christian vices are excellent human assets. Satanists look upon influence, pride, and individualism. They want to experience pleasure and amass power. Video games have become one ecosystem for Satanists to exercise these characteristics. John H. Shaw, a Satanic priest, said gamers affiliated with Satanism enjoy games such as Minecraft, Left 4 Dead, and Call of Duty.

The general public has had an inkling of this connection between Satanism and video games for a long time. In fact, Americans went through a Satanic panic during the 1980s. They believed games like Doom and Dungeons & Dragons helped to promote Satanism. Gamers during that time were painted as devil worshipers, skulking in dark basements all day, gesturing at computer or television screens. Church of Satan Reverend Raul has an explanation for it, “God gets all the credit for the good stuff, but Satan gets the blame for all the bad stuff.” He pointed out that any fantasy symbolism was considered to be a spawn of Satan. A certain portion of religious philosophy always blames Satan for man's evils. The truth is that man himself is responsible for his own actions.

Gamers themselves admit playing video games contributes to the proliferation of Satanism. These games are fertile grounds for an increase in Satanism. These are solid reasons for such a result: customizable total environments, indulgence, and meritocracy. These results in the creation of places where hedonism rules supreme. Satanists can be what they want and take immense delight and pleasure. A sharp mind is a must to acquire supremacy in the game. Many gamers have created multiple identities for game universe dominance. They want to win the battle for expanding influence and space control. In short, gaming perfectly embodies the philosophy of Satanism. It teaches the Satanic gamer to be forceful both in the virtual world and also in the real.


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