The Satanic Temple Claims Religious Discrimination.

The battle between the city of Scottsdale, Arizona and The Satanic Temple has reached a new chapter.

It began when The Satanic Temple was approved to give an opening convocation at the city council meeting. During that time there was a flood of negative public letters asking the council to overturn the decision. The council then decided to cancel the invitation, stating that it only gives invocations to organizations that have “close ties to the city of Scottsdale.” The Satanic Temple has argued that they have never gotten a clear explanation for what that means and that every invocation for the city council has been of Judeo-Christian faith.

In an email issued from The Satanic Temple, their attorney Stu de Haan states, “By the City Council’s own statements, it’s clear that their refusal to allow The Satanic Temple to speak was motivated by their intent to discriminate against a minority religion.”

This is not the first controversy that The Satanic Temple has had with city councils. It is not even the first problem in the state of Arizona. The city of Phoenix ended up banning opening prayers entirely rather than allowing Satanic Temple to give the opening. They have now allowed only chaplains from the police and fire departments to being permissible.

The Satanic Temple has been allowed to give opening prayers before, at Grand Junction City, Colorado.

The city of Scottsdale has not made an official statement.


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