Russell Brand Declares Himself Closer to Jesus

Russell Brand Declares Himself Closer to Jesus

Russell Brand Declares Himself Closer to Jesus

Brand says religion helped him maintain sobriety.

World-renowned actor and comedian Russell Brand proclaimed to media he discovered Christ is the solution to all of the world’s problems. In a recent interview to promote his new book, ‘Recovery: Freedom from Our Addictions’ the comedian shared details of turning his life around from drug addiction to religion.

Russell Brand Declares Himself Closer to Jesus[/tweetthis]

The actor says he realized his life was in shambles after he split from then-wife and popular pop star Katy Perry. He started by joining a recovery program. This program helped him change his atheist ways and gave him a new perspective on religion. He says drugs destroyed his life and it was a place of fear and desperation that he had to change his ways.

The British actor goes on to joke about how jokes in his earlier days were against God. He does acknowledge that this was among the major factors that helped him embrace Christianity. The 42-year-old comedian wed actress Laura Gallacher in 2017. This came after the newlyweds welcomed their first child in late 2016. They named their child Mabel.

His new book is focused on almost every Alcoholic Anonymous recovery program. It covers the 12 steps to recovery throughout the book. The book does also refer its readers to accept the calling of a higher power and to trust their faith. It does advise recovering addicts to give up the socially accepted norms of binge watch and phone addiction as they undertake their recovery program.

Russell Brand goes on further to say that millennials have been tricked into not believing in God leading to a generation suffering from many aspects of life. He says this influences them to turn to drugs as a solution.


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