Candidate Arthur Jones is a Holocaust Denier.

Arthur Jones has become the official Republican Candidate for the Illinois 3rd district. If you don’t know who Arthur Jones is that is probably a good thing.

The man has been associated with American Nazi movements for decades. He has called the Holocaust “an international exhortation racket” that did not happen. He has called out, in the most horrible way possible, LGBT and Jewish communities as evil. He has surrounded himself and his political campaign for Congress with people that also have the worst views that can be expressed.

Then how did he become the official Republican candidate? Easy. He ran unopposed. This is probably due to the fact that the district is heavily Democratic and the incumbent Dan Lipinski has held the seat for the last 10 years. Even though he ran unopposed and is a Nazi, he still received 20,000 votes from Illinois Republicans.

The Republican Committee for Illinois attacked Jones and said he did not represent the Republican Party. It is likely that the party will back someone to run as an independent against him.


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