It Is Really Scary How Dumb Millenials Are On The Holocaust

A Recent Study Reveals The Failure Of Next Generation In Understanding History

Millenials have been labeled as a selfish generation that cares more about their social media status than what is going in the world.

A new study might prove that to be partially correct. Millennials were asked questions about the Holocaust. The numbers are depressing.

Twenty-two percent of millennials had not heard of the Holocaust. Over forty percent could not explain what Auschwitz was. Auschwitz was one of the most infamous of the Nazi death camps during the Holocaust.

Millennials were also misinformed. Over forty percent believed that only two million Jews were killed, rather than over 6 million.

The obvious danger with not knowing history is not being able to see the parallels that could exist in another situation. It also could be connected to the rise in anti-Semitism in the United States and Europe.

Many Jewish leaders have called out the lack of knowledge millennials have. They attack the educational system, social media, and a host of other factors as an explanation. It is unclear what the exact reason is.

The Trump Administration has not commented on the survey.


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