Priest and Nun Twins -Consecrated to Mary as Infants in Near-Death

Priest and Nun Twins -Consecrated to Mary as Infants in Near-Death

Priest and Nun Twins -Consecrated to Mary as Infants in Near-Death
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Twins who were critically ill just months after birth recover after being consecrated to the Virgin Mary.

Twins Cristian Moya and Monica Moya were born in 1974 and now serve as a priest and nun.[/tweetit] Both had an early connection with the church. Both of them were close to death due to pneumonia during their infancy. The two recovered only after their mother consecrated both of them to Virgin Mary. They both were unaware of this episode until their mother told them only a few years back.

Priest and Nun Twins -Consecrated to Mary as Infants in Near-Death[/tweetthis]

Sister Monica, in her interview with Spanish media, recalled what their mother had told them. The events which made up the story involved their consecration to Mary. It all began on January 15, 1974, the date when the twins were born. The birthplace was San Antonio Province, Valparaiso, Chile. Pneumonia struck both brother and sister only three months after their birth. When taken to the hospital in a critical condition, the doctors there informed their parents the last possible effective thing to be done, a blood transfusion. The twins' mother was afraid, already having lost her first child to a heart condition when the child was only a year old. She decided to consecrate both her son and daughter to Virgin Mary under the title of Nuestra Senora Purisima of Lo Vasquez or translated into English, Our Lady Most Pure. In Chile, it is a loved and known Marian title.

Sister Monica, who recently joined Congregation of the Daughters of Saint Mary of Providence, continued, saying that the sole thing which came to her mother's mind was to offer her children to Virgin Mary. The two were left in her hands. The recovery occurred soon after that. Sister Monica's brother joined the priesthood at Nuestra Senora Purisima of Lo Vasquez shrine too. Monica said her mother's story made such an impact on her so that she decided to serve God. She did not forget to give due credit to her family's deep Christian leanings and the marriage of her parents. Other than being devoted to Virgin Mary, she also identifies with Saint Joseph as her chosen patron saint. When asked about her vocation, she regards it as both a miracle and a gift due to the coincidence.

Although it is custom for bishops to officiate the final vows ceremony, it was possible for Monica to get the needed permission for her brother to preside at Mass.


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