POTUS Shield Protects Trump from Witches and Warlocks

POTUS Shield Protects Trump from Witches and Warlocks

POTUS Shield Protect Trump from Witches and Warlocks
POTUS Shield prays to protect Trump from witches and warlocks on the Jim Bakker Show.
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‘Deep state evil forces’ are aligned against the President

When Pastor Frank Amedia, known for tsunami-stopping tales and reviving ants, took part in a television show during the early days of April 2018, the well-known preacher was joined by multiple members of his curiously named POTUS Shield organization. The full complement of guests engaged in a collective prayer to protect President Donald J. Trump from “evil forces.” These evil forces, according to POTUS Shield members, come from the “deep state.” Other than such harming external elements, Amedia and his colleagues think witches and warlocks are keen to attack Trump. Amedia believes Trump has already been cursed.

POTUS Shield Protects Trump from Witches and Warlocks [/tweetthis]

Amedia, along with Mark Gonzales of the U.S. Hispanic Action Network, and Bishop Harry Jackson, started a prayer concerned with spiritual warfare against the enemies marching against Trump. The two also targeted the warlocks and witches which have tried to harm the president. He then claimed to have canceled the curses.

Pastor Amedia warned that it is imperative to understand the Trump presidency is under attack from evil forces. The latter wants to destroy President Trump and his accomplishments. Deep state forces are aligned against him. The conspiracy to harm “has already been named.” He continued in this thread, saying that they know what is coming and taking preparations to combat that. The pastor compared it to a coming storm, and the POTUS Shield are the watchmen.

Amedia claimed they actually want God to stir up a storm. The POTUS Shield wants that storm to help the president. They want the storm to be like a tornado. Like the natural storm, his group wants it to blow away everything and expose what is hidden beneath. Nothing should come back to resettle and recreate like what was before. He claimed the Antichrist, in its spirit, wants to erase all accomplishments achieved by Trump. The Antichrist spirit also wants to take away everything, including the possibility of the church rising to a pedestal position. He and his group prayed that God will crush such tries as the almighty defeated “Haman Hillary,” the Democratic presidential candidate, on election night.


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