Pope Francis Sends Letter to President Assad

Pope Francis Sends Letter to President Assad

Pope Francis Sends Letter to President Assad

Pope asks President Assad to protect Syrian citizens

Pope Francis wrote a letter to President Bashar al-Assad.[/tweetit] Cardinal Peter Turkson and his delegation delivered the letter. The official Syrian Presidency Facebook page posted an update saying that Pope Francis has voiced his support to the suffering of the people of Syria as well as for restoring stability. The region is unstable, and the people are suffering as a result of the war and post-war effects.

Pope Francis Sends Letter to President Assad[/tweetthis]

President Assad has also spoken about all the atrocities committed by the terrorists against civilians. The terrorists are stationed in many areas such as Idlib. President Assad has reiterated that these terrorists are receiving support from certain regions as well as western countries that are enabling them to continue committing crimes.

The Vatican News website is claiming that the Pope has asked President Assad to protect his citizen’s lives. In addition to this, the Pope has requested President Assad to do many other things.

He has asked the President to end the catastrophe in the Idlib Province, ensure the safe return of people who are displaced, give families access to information about their loved ones, release detainees, and ensure that political prisoners are subject to humane conditions. Finally, the Pope has asked the President to resume negotiations with the international community involved.

Some have criticized the Pope for saying that he stands on the wrong side of history. Many are asking why the Pope isn’t thanking President Assad for fighting Wahabi terrorism, which has unfortunately claimed the lives of thousands of Christians. Many are also speechless as to why the Pope isn’t condemning the atrocities committed by the Turkish-Western backed terrorists in Idlib.

The Pope has yet to condemn Turkey for supporting Al-Qaeda and multinational terrorists and those who have transformed Idlib into a place of terror and catastrophe. Idlib has become a place where people are being burned alive, beheaded and slaughtered for petty crimes.

Also, many are demanding to know why the Pope hasn’t encouraged Assad to liberate Idlib. Some are criticizing the Pope for asking President Assad to end the suffering in Idlib instead of speaking to the heads of the capitals of Ankara, Brussels, and Washington about not supporting terrorism. These heads have imposed sanctions on Syria and aren’t letting Syrians choose their political faith.


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