Pope Francis Condemns Terrorist Attack at Quebec Mosque

Pope Francis sends condolences to Quebec mosque after Sunday’s shooting.

Pope Francis strongly condemned the Quebec City mosque terrorist attack[/tweetit] on January 29. He emphasized that Christians must unite with Muslims in prayer when such heinous incidents come to pass. Six people died and eight were injured due to the shooting. A communique by the Vatican said the pontiff met Quebec's Cardinal Gerald Lacroix after his morning mass at the Santa Marta chapel. The Quebecois Cardinal was in Rome at that time. He then left for Canada after the meeting.

Pope Francis Condemns Terrorist Attack at Quebec Mosque[/tweetthis]

Pope Francis, in his official Vatican message, said that the people who lost lives due to the shooting will be entrusted to mercy of God. He said that he will pray so to understand the suffering of the victims' near and dear ones. The pontiff asked the Lord to grant these people consolation and comfort during this trial. He repeatedly condemned the violence which cause such immense suffering. The pope also implored God for the gift of peace and mutual respect. He also invoked simultaneously the blessing of God for all individuals affected by this situation and the Quebecois people.

The condolences of Pope Francis were sent via a message to Cardinal Pietro Parolin, the Secretary of State. He said the pope entrusts those people to God's mercy who have lost lives. He also told through the missive that he has united in prayer to sorrow of those close to the victims.

The message conveys Pope Francis's deep sympathy towards the wounded and also for their families. Other than the pope, a message was also sent by Pontifical Council for Interreligious Dialogue. The latter conducts the relations of the Vatican with Muslim organizations all over the world. This message also roundly condemned this act of never before seen violence. The Council, through a press statement, said that it expresses deep sadness and also indignation for the ferocious attack against the Muslim believers gathered for prayer in a place of worship. It roundly denounced the “senseless act” due to violating sacred human life. The religious authority also said that the shooting disrespected a community united in prayer, along with their place of worship. The Council concluded by extending complete solidarity towards the Canadian Muslims. It also assured them that there would be prayers for victims and for their families as well.

Other than Christian leaders and organizations, many other groups have also expressed anguish at the attack. Haroun Bouazzi of AMAL-Quebec, a human rights group specializing in Muslim affairs, said that Muslims in Quebec are afraid at present and are searching for answers as to why it happened.


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