Will President Trump force Muslims out of the U.S.?

Muslims across world were dismayed and shocked at the results of the American elections. Many people around the world have also expressed their concerns as to the future of America. The fact that a candidate who has showed so much discrimination and hatred is now the president of the United States has not gone very well so far.

A group expected to be strongly affected by Trump’s proposed policies is America’s Muslim community.

Now that Trump will be in power, the Muslim population of America can only wait in fear to see what’s in store for them. As it is, the Republican has been successful in using terrorist outfits like ISIS to drive a wedge between Muslims and non-Muslims in the nation. Hatred of Muslims is now so high that 55 percent Americans have unfavorable opinions about them. The steady rise in crimes against Muslims, the facts that were discovered from the arrest of three members of a white Christian terrorist outfit, “Crusaders,” and the growing hostility that Muslims face in commercial establishments, schools, hospitals, and even in voting centers show that the fears of the Muslim community are not unwarranted.

Although anti-Islamic crimes occurred during and after the 9/11 bombing, Muslims admit that they are facing more hatred and hostility now, ever since Trump began his campaign for president.

Having voted for a candidate whose words indicated that all American Muslims are “keeping secrets” from the authorities, implying they’re working hand in hand with terrorists, the question here is whether the majority of the American population too believes that Muslims have no part in the future of American society. For now, statistical figures and election results go in hand in hand.

However, Trump’s true plan remains to be seen as Independent is reporting Trump’s December 2015 post about banning Muslims from the U.S. has disappeared from the campaign’s website as of election day.

Some Muslim women are speaking out on Twitter that they’re afraid to wear their hijabs. A Medium blog post by Sean O’Kane, listing acts of hatred and racism on “Day 1 in Trump’s America” lists incidents of women whose hijabs have been ripped off.

However, some women will wear their hijabs even more proudly.


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