“The worst thing about the whole situation is the police not doing their job.”
A Muslim woman suffered a brutal beating at a bus stop in the Bronx. She says that she wasn’t just robbed of her possessions. She was robbed of justice.

Fatoumata Camara, 22 has accused the District Attorney’s office of refusing to prosecute those who attacked her. The only reason she is getting any justice is that she, not the police, found a surveillance video which serves as evidence of what happened. On June 7 the NYPD announced with the finding of the surveillance footage, its Hate Crime Task Force is now in charge of the investigation.

Camara said the lack of investigation by authorities’ into the attack forced her to do the investigative work herself. Camara suffered a head injury and a broken nose from the attack. She said, “the worst thing about the whole situation is the police not doing their job.”

A group of teenagers attacked Camara after getting off at her bus stop. The video clearly shows her attackers punched and kicked her and ripped off her hijab.

When Camara wasn’t able to identify suspects from police photos, the DA informed Camara the charges would be dropped. She said, “it was very, very upsetting and traumatizing because besides the mental and physical pain that I went through, for them not to do anything about my case and just leave it as my life didn’t matter.” She went on to say,”If I didn’t do the fight myself, I knew they were just gonna let it go, and I know I was going to be another story of a black Muslim African out there.”

Authorities have disputed the claim that they abandoned the case stating it was referred to the NYPD. The NYPD said the case is “ongoing” with the 42nd Precinct detective squad.

It is unfortunate, anti-Muslim hate crimes have been going up in New York, and in the U.S. The Council on American-Islamic Relations New York’s chapter has reported anti-Muslim hate crimes in New York has increased 74 percent since 2006. Hate crimes in the U.S. have gone up 17 percent over the last year. Over 18 percent of hate crimes have been religiously motivated against Muslims.


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