NSA Appoints Orthodox Jewish Woman Cybersecurity Head

Anne Neuberger will become one of the highest-ranking women in the NSA

The United States National Security Agency (NSA) has named an orthodox Jewish woman as its newest Cybersecurity Directorate. Anne Neuberger was born to parents who were rescued from Entebbe Airport in 1976 by Israeli commandos. Neuberger hails from the Hasidic Borough Park in Brooklyn. She has worked at the NSA for the last ten years.

Her accomplishments include establishing the U.S. Cyber Command and as the chief risk officer. As chief risk officer, Neuberger led security efforts for agency’s election in the 2018 midterms.

She has commented on how her family’s escapes shaped her worldview. Her family escaped first from the Holocaust and then from the situation in Uganda. Her parents aren’t Israeli. However, this didn’t stop the hijackers from holding them hostage for a week.

Neuberger said even though her parents held U.S. passports, the terrorists kept them hostage because her father wore a kippah which signified that he was Jewish. She then said that sometimes, a military operation is the only option as that was what brought her parents back.

She also said threats from people who want to cause harm aren’t going away anytime soon. She said that the NSA has a commitment to keeping America safe in legitimate ways. America needs to stay alert when it comes to cybersecurity, which is why the NSA protects America.

Anne Neuberger will become one of the highest-ranking women in the NSA since 1980 when Ann Caracristi was deputy director. Neuberger will report to General Paul Nakasone.

In the past, Anne Neuberger was a deputy chief officer at the United States Navy. In addition to this, she worked for the secretary of defense.

Affectionately also referred to as “Chani,” Neuberger comes from Jewish Brooklyn, New York, a neighborhood of Borough Park. She went to the Bais Yaakov Jewish day school for girls and is a graduate of New York’s Touro College and Columbia Business. Neuberger has also worked in the White House Fellows program. She currently runs a non-profit organization which is committed to helping divorced single Orthodox mothers.

Neuberger said that while she has come across a few problems related to her religion at the NSA, she is quite happy to be looked up to as a role model for Orthodox women.


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