Neo-Nazis Manipulate Movie Footage to Claim it’s About Jewish Supremacy

Theorists insist Carpenter is wrong about his movie; offer photoshopped ‘evidence’ and ‘proof’.

Conspiracy theorists who believe the world is controlled by Jews have taken a new dimension. This time, theories are surfacing about the 1988 movie, They Live claiming it is an allegory of Jewish world domination. The movie’s director, John Carpenter, has denied these allegations.

Neo-Nazis Manipulate Movie Footage to Claim it’s About Jewish Supremacy[/tweetthis]

Carpenter took to Twitter to criticize neo-Nazis and other anti-Jewish people who are behind the claims, calling it slander and a lie. He clarified that the movie was a satire on the yuppie culture and unrestrained capitalism. Carpenter is very disappointed he is forced to clarify something so obvious.  This is not the first time white supremacists, especially those associated with the Alt-Right, have made such claims about Jews.

The film’s main plot – aliens invading earth – has been interpreted by neo-Nazis as an allegory of Jewish domination. The theorists have been sharing memes on Facebook justifying their claims. However, it has also been discovered that many of these memes have been digitally edited to twist the facts and fool people into believing their claims. This clearly shows a growing trend of creating hatred towards Jews, even in the absence of actual proof of their accusations.

This is one of the real scenes from the movie being manipulated:

Although this has come to light only now, these theories have existed for at least eight years now. The rise of white-supremacist theories seems to provide a fertile ground for these theories to re-surface. Despite Carpenter‘s statement that the movie has nothing to do with Jews at all, the memes continue to be shared on social networking site.

Surprisingly, Carpenter himself has been criticized and questioned by believers of this theory, insisting  he is wrong about his own movie. Although he clearly stated the real intention and meaning behind this satirical work, the neo-Nazis slammed him, saying the movie was really about Jews and not what he said it was. Supporters of Carpenter and critics of the neo-Nazis pointed out the absurdity of these claims and accusations. Carpenter himself expressed his disappointment over how he was himself being bombarded with “evidence” and “proof” about what his own movie really means.


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