Muslims Only Embrace American Democracy ‘If They’re Schizophrenic’ says Ben Carson

Gage Skidmore is licensed under CC BY 2.0
Gage Skidmore is licensed under CC BY 2.0
Muslims Who Support American Values And Islamic Law Are ‘Schizophrenic,’ claims Ben Carson.

Ben Carson, GOP presidential candidate and retired neurosurgeon, has accused Muslims who embrace American values while adhering to Islamic law as being “schizophrenic.” This phrase, he said, can also be applied to advocates of separation of state and church. He made such comments during a media interview.

Muslims Only Embrace American Democracy ‘If They’re Schizophrenic’ says Ben Carson.[/tweetthis]

This is not the first time Carson has made such comments regarding Muslims. He has repeatedly said when he was campaigning that there should not be a Muslim president until the person renounces the system of governance and laws associated with that religion. He had previously made similar comments regarding the judiciary and members of Congress. The Republican presidential nominee also put forward the view that political correctness will put Americans in a weak position where the ISIS can easily harm them.

Carson said that the American government will so busy when it comes to protecting the rights of Muslims that it will forget to watch the rights of other citizens as well. He mentioned that when this topic of discussion comes up, he is branded an Islamophobic- which he vehemently denies to be.

Carson continues in this vein and says that there exists a difference among Muslims who accept the U.S. constitution and the U.S. He asserts that there are Muslims who prefer to live differently. If the U.S. government does not understand this sophisticated argument America may very well lose the war.

At some point during the interview, Bannon requested Carson to respond to comments made by Donald Trump during a debate and then the billionaire Republican contender followed it up by saying that the then American administration under Bush intentionally pushed the American public to war after 9/11. Carson rubbished such claims by saying that he knew George W. Bush for an extremely long time and the former President loves America and is a true patriot. In his interview, Carson also said that Trump's presidential bid could collapse once the electorate begins to closely examine his beliefs and comparing them with the policies Carson made himself.

Bannon tried to push Carson to a corner by comparing the latter's praise of Bush with his other rhetoric. The interviewer said that Bush visited a mosque a few days post attacks where he announced Islam to be peaceful religion. Carson was clear about his disdain for that statement and many people bought into such a concept and reiterated that the Prophet cannot be compared to Jesus Christ.


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