Stephanie Kurlow is a Muslim teen who will not let a strict dress code keep her from training to be a ballerina.

Stephanie Kurlow, a Muslim teen is all determined to become the very first ballerina in their community. This is despite the strict cultural and traditional beliefs that Muslims uphold. She claims that dancing has always been her passion and she would do anything to become the very first ballerina in the Muslim community. “Dancing is like flying for me. It makes me feel free,” the teen Muslim said.

Her dream to become a great dancer began way back when she was young. She has been cultivating her talent and now she is ready to pull it off. She believes that not even the strictest culture should deny any person the right to chase after their dreams. Kurlow stated, “I don’t want certain people who are discriminatory to hold anyone back from achieving their dreams and being unique.”

The extent of her determination to become a famous ballerina was seen when she set up a fundraising page to help her chase after her dreams. In the fundraiser, she managed to gather approximately $7,000. With the help of the funds, Stephanie managed to open a performance Art program that was fully focused on attracting other people with similar interests as her. “I plan on bringing the world together by becoming the very first Muslim ballerina so that I can inspire so many other people to believe in themselves and pursue their dreams.”

Stephanie says that so many ballerinas out there who have made it inspired her to follow suit. She believes that her journey just started and more is coming her way. Her dream, as she says, will come true when she eventually becomes the first Ballerina in the Muslim community and also when more children and grownups who share the same interests become great icons in the world.

The New York Daily admits that Stephanie’s mission is very important for her since here main intention is to share the incredible beauty of ballet art. It is believed that Stephanie will take the Ballet Art sector into a whole new level with her determination. Her inspiring attitude to the said art has already created a strong impact in the Muslim community and the world at large.

Although religion almost brought a sander between Stephanie and her dreams, she still found the reason to fight towards here dreams. She is now sure more than ever that she will become the most inspiring ballerina there ever was. 


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