Does Mike Pence Want To Hang the Gays?

Does Mike Pence Really Want to “Hang the Gays”?

Does Mike Pence Want To Hang the Gays?
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The Vice President has a Strong History in Opposition to LGBT Community

President Trump is once again in trouble for something he said and this time its directly drawn in his Vice President, Mike Pence. In a New Yorker piece written over the weekend, Trump “joked” with a legal scholar about talking about gay rights “don’t ask that guy (Pence) – he wants to hang them all!”

Does Mike Pence Really Want to “Hang the Gays”?[/tweetthis]

A spokesperson for Vice President Pence has not directly stated that the comments weren’t said, but that they did not accurately reflect his opinions. But what is the vice president’s view on homosexuality? Vice President Pence was one of the most conservative members of Congress when he was serving. He voted against employment discrimination protection for gay and transgender individuals. He voted against the repeal of “don’t ask don’t tell.” He has stated the view that being gay is a choice, which has been debunked by science.

While he has never advocated any violence action against the LGBT community, he has taken political stances that have opened space violence and discrimination to occur. He argued for conversion therapy, a controversial program trying to change the sexual preference of gays and lesbians, where there has been evidence of physical and psychological abuse. Additionally, that funding for it should be taken from HIV/AIDS research. As governor of Indiana, he opposed gay marriage and supported a bill to allow businesses to deny services based on sexual orientation. He even wanted a constitutional amendment to make marriage be defined as only a man and woman.

These actions have caused the vice president to be labeled “one of the most anti-LGBT politicians out there.” While the support for religious freedom is important, Vice President Pence has shown that his religious views to dictate his policies. He might not want to hang them, but he certainly doesn’t want to help them.


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