Mass Hindu Grave

Mass Hindu Grave Discovered

Mass Hindu Grave

Hindus were reputedly killed by ARSA, the militant wing of the Muslim Rohingyas.

Muslim Rohingya militants are being accused by Myanmar authorities of slaughtering 28 Hindu villagers.[/tweetit] The Myanmarese allegedly found those bodies in mass graves. As per information released by the Myanmar army, the bodies of eight males and 20 females were discovered in two pits located in Myanmar's northern state of Rakhine. Zaw Htay, the spokesperson of the Myanmar Government, has confirmed the discovery of these graves. A number of senior police officers posted in Rakhine under cover of anonymity has also confirmed the news. The village in question, Ye Baw Kya, is located close to the cluster of Muslim and Hindu communities in the northern part of Rakhine state. The area is known as Kha Maung Seik.

Mass Hindu Grave Discovered[/tweetthis]

Hindus in large numbers, possibly in thousands, have fled villages where they co-existed alongside Muslims. They allege that militants targeted them in the August 25 raids. The events plunged Rakhine state into a cauldron of communal violence. Information of any sort could not be verified as access to the region is being tightly regulated by the Myanmare military. In its website, the military has blamed Arakan Rohingya Salvation Army or ARSA for the killings.

The ARSA carried out attacks on police posts. The Myanmar army responded by burning villages and attacking civilians as a response to the attacks. The response by the Myanmar  army was so brutal that the United Nations believed it rates as an ethnic cleansing of the Muslim minority. The result was about 436,000 Rohingyas fleeing towards Bangladesh within a month. They carried with them stories of Myanmar soldiers collaborating with vigilantes to mass kill civilians. The refugees say that entire villages were burned down. Other than Muslims, about 30,000 Hindus and also a few Buddhists in Rakhine were compelled to leave their homes. Many of the refugees who have finally made into Bangladesh have bullet and other related wounds.

Doctors administering a few of the Rohingya Muslims have found many women suffering from injuries that are consistent with violent attacks of a sexual nature. UN health workers operating in Bangladesh have confirmed the same.  Doctors working at a clinic administered by International Organization for Migration by the United Nations at one of the refugee camps said that they have treated many women with injuries sustained from violent sexual assaults. These assaults happened when the Myanmar army conducted their operations in the two months of October and November.


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