Hijinks Ensue During Nativity Performance

Jesus is usually not the subject of a brawl. In the Bible, Mary did not fight livestock. But during a Nativity play at the First Baptist Church of White Pine in East Tennessee these did occur.

A video has been circulating on online, shared over 57,000 times and has been seen 1.5 million times. This video shows a Nativity play. During the play, the children choir sang “Away in a Manager.” Teegan Benson, playing the role of the sheep, the unsung hero of the Nativity story, became distracted. She grabbed the plastic doll that represented baby Jesus and began to play with it.

The young girl playing Mary seemed upset with the 2-year-old’s off script behavior and began to struggle with her over the baby. The no-holds-barred battle continues for a few entertaining seconds filling the audience with laughter. Fortunately, Mary was able to win the day and place the doll back in the manager.

Teegan’s mother placed the video on Facebook and stated that the event did not interrupt the play and the congregation found the break hilariously and did not take away from the focus of the play, a celebration of Jesus and faith.


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