Is Lindsay Lohan Converting to Islam?

Speculation has risen after Lindsay Lohan deleted all her Instagram posts and added a Muslim phrase.

Lindsay Lohan has left all her fans confused by wiping out her Instagram account clean. To add to the shock, the only thing that her account contains is a commonly used phrase in Islam –Alaikum Salam – which is a greeting of peace equivalent to “Shalom” in Jewish communities.

Is Lindsay Lohan Converting to Islam?[/tweetthis]

Earlier, the 30-year-old actress was seen carrying a copy of the Quran with her to an interview for Haberturk, a popular TV network in Turkey. When asked why she had a Quran with her, Lohan said the Quran had been gifted to her by her Saudi friends who were in London, and has been a source of inspiration in her life. The Parent Trap star also said that the Holy Book had reintroduced her to spirituality and was a way to find new meaning to life.

The actress faced a lot of criticism for her open display of support to Islam. However, she remained undaunted and shocked her fans yet again by making a trip to refugee camps in Turkey to visit the Muslim refugees there. She was also photographed wearing a headscarf, which was very much reminiscent of the Islamic hijab.

Even as the world was confused by this behavior from someone who was raised a Catholic, Lohan’s clean Instagram account has raised new questions about the actress’s faith. Until last year, Lohan was in a relationship with a Russian businessman in the UK and revealed that he had been abusive towards her. The period of the break-up was marked with alcohol and drug abuse. Lohan is grateful to her friends in the UK and Saudi, for being with her in her difficult time. It was possibly from her Saudi friends that she picked up an interest in Islam.

Although no official comment has come from the Freaky Friday actress as yet, her representatives have revealed that she is going through a "period of renewal" and "has been making positive changes in her life." Lohan herself said that she is excited about starting a new chapter in her life. These comments confirmed the speculations of many people, and a number of Muslims all over the world have taken to social media to congratulate her on her decision and welcome her to Islam. 

The actress’s mother, however, insisted her daughter had not converted and was simply taking a “hiatus from social media.”


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