Kellyanne Conway Explains Trump’s ‘Extreme Vetting’ of Muslims

White House Counselor Kellyanne Conway discusses Trump’s “extreme vetting” for Muslims.

Incoming White House Counselor Kellyanne Conway shot back at Trump critics that the Trump Administration will not be banning immigrants based on religion alone. This announcement was made after a lot of criticism was heaped on the President-elect saying that he keeps going back on his words after facing criticism. Conway insists that Trump’s words are often misunderstood and that rather go back on what he previously said, he simply seeks to clarify the real intent behind his previous statements.

Kellyanne Conway Explains Trump’s ‘Extreme Vetting’ of Muslims[/tweetthis]

President-elect Donald Trump had declared last December that he would be calling for a ban on Muslim immigrants into the U.S. This was followed by a worldwide backlash. People from all over the world criticized Trump for this open display of anti-Islamic sentiment. Following the backlash, Trump reiterated his statement saying that banning Muslims wasn’t his intention. Rather, he said that there are some countries which have a higher probability of sending terrorists disguised as immigrants into the U.S. This, however, doesn’t seem to have convinced many people.

In any case, when asked repeatedly whether the Trump-led government would be banning immigrants simply because they are Muslims, Conway pointed out at the clarification that Trump gave later. Conway then proceeded to praise Trump, saying that he is not afraid to name the threats that the U.S. is facing today and is willing to take a proactive step against them. She took a critical view of Clinton, who simply called the terrorists as America’s “determined enemies.” Conway feels that Clinton was trying to shy away from naming the terrorists, thereby proving her inability to fight the enemy.

This is not the first time that someone associated with Trump has insisted that the fears that people have towards Trump are unfounded. Earlier, a Muslim comedian sat next to one of Trump’s son, Eric Trump, on a plane. During their conversation, the comedian, Mohammed Amer, brought up the topic of Trump’s idea of starting a Muslim registry. To this, Eric said that nothing of the sort would happen and asked Amer to not believe everything that the media said.

Conway has urged people who have reservations about Trump to visit his website and see what his real views are. She justified his call for extreme vetting because of the rise in terrorist attacks related to ISIS or inspired by ISIS. Conway argues that radical Islam is a reality, and an extreme vetting will have to be taken if U.S.A. has to fight against Islamic extremists.


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