Kanye West Wants to Open a Church

Kanye West Wants to Open a Church

Kanye West Wants to Open a Church
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Kanye West shares his vision for his Sunday Services

The latest season of the hit reality show Keeping Up with the Kardashians has made its debut. In the show, Kanye West has shared his vision for his “Sunday Services.”

Kanye West Wants to Open a Church[/tweetthis]

West’s wife Kim Kardashian West has described West’s Sunday Services meetings as a “spiritual Christian experience.” The events currently happen every Sunday and without preaching. However, they do include gospel music.

Kanye West was heard telling Kourtney Kardashian that they were going to start laying it out in such a way so that people know the songs, they’re going to have the words and have people bring their Bibles.

West said that he was toying with the idea of making a church for a while. In 2019, he then resolved not to let another Sunday go by without it happening.

Kim Kardashian West elaborated on her husband’s church dream by saying that Kanye has wanted to start a church for the last few years. He started it for his family and close friends. She went on to share that Kanye’s church is about “the music and healing.” There’s even a gospel choir which makes the whole thing magical.

The meeting began in a “James Turell inspired” circular dome. However, attendance increased quickly, which resulted in the service being forced to move outdoors.

Kardashian West clarified that the intention was for it to be a smaller experience. However, after posting pictures online, people responded quite well to them. This has resulted in Kanye continuing it, and hopefully, it will grow and become a great experience.

When asked about the possibility of a pastor in Sunday Services, Kardashian West said not at this time. She said that they were going to take time to grow it and keep making it better.

Earlier this year, the Kardashian sisters were on Jimmy Kimmel Live. They spilled the beans about what happens at these Sunday Services events.

They said that “there’s no praying, sermon or word. It’s just music.” However, many clips that Kardashian has shared online has involved prayer. Kourtney Kardashian said that it’s Christian. She later said that they perform West’s hit song Jesus Walks and added that there is a choir and gospel music.

When asked if Kanye’s faith inspired the Sunday Services, Kardashian West replied by saying that Jesus is something her husband believes in and there is a Christian vibe. However, there isn’t any preaching, and it’s a Christian spiritual experience.


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