John Gray’s Relentless Church Installation Service

John Gray’s Relentless Church Installation Service

John Gray’s Relentless Church Installation Service
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Pastor Ron Carpenter decided to pass over the baton to Gray.

Pastor John Gray has been officially installed as the new lead pastor of Relentless Church[/tweetit], formerly known as Redemption Church in South Carolina. The installation service was attended by famous pastors, church leaders, and gospel singers such as Pastor Carl Lentz from Hillsong Church NYC, Joel Osteen, Kirk Franklin, William Murphy, Travis Greene and more.

John Gray’s Relentless Church Installation Service[/tweetthis]

Talking about his decision to leave Lakewood Church in Texas where he served as associate pastor, he said in an interview that while serving Pastor Joel Osteen and his wife, Pastor Victoria’s vision, he started to develop a vision within himself too. “And it just depends on where’s the right place to launch it,” he said.

For Gray, Relentless Church seems to be that “right place.” Pastor Ron Carpenter, who was the leader of the church when it was still known as Redemption Church, called him and asked him if he would be willing to be his successor and look after the church, and he happily agreed.

The installation service, which lasted for more than three hours, had various figures share their words of blessings and tributes to Pastor Gray. Some of these included Pastor Carl Lentz and Gray’s former boss, Joel Osteen. Bishop T.D. Jakes, Pastor Chris Hodges, Rich Wilkerson and other even shared their messages through videos.

Hillsong NYC’s Pastor Carl Lentz had much to say about the dedication of Pastor Gray to his service. He said that God has called him to lay down his life and that he changes the platform he is on rather than being influenced and changed by the platform. “This church is going to be about the name of Jesus,” he said.

Even though Pastor Ron Carpenter had already passed on the leadership to Pastor Gray last month, the installation service was held on June 3 to show everyone that this new leadership is “valid” and in effect, says Bishop Eric D. Garnes.

He also urged Gray to always align himself with the Gospel, saying that if he does not follow Jesus Christ and His gospel, he himself would come after him. However, if he always aligns himself with the Gospel, “from Genesis to Revelation,” they would always be brothers.


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