Jacked Jesus Causes Online Sensation

Statue in Korea Makes Interesting Choice in Displaying Jesus

Jesus has always been depicted as being in good shape. Wait, that isn’t accurate. Jesus has always been depicted as being in amazing shape. There has never been a shred of fat on him as depicted on the cross. But a statue of him in Yeongcheon, Korea is taking that to the extreme.

The image is Jesus with the muscle proportions of a bodybuilder has been a popular online image since 2012 when the image first surfaced. The image has gained recent viral status with it resurfacing on Reddit. The image was originally published on Imgur.

Korean depictions of Jesus have had some notoriety in mainstream media. The most famous being “Korean Jesus” in the movie 21 Jump Street.

Korea has had a huge gain in Christian following in the last 100 years. It has gone from 1% over the population of over 30%. That includes the largest Pentecostal church, Yoido Full Gospel Church.

It is unclear what the motivation for the image was and who the artist is. It seems like the only bodybuilder Jesus statue that exists. But it has led to hilarious comments: We get it, you CrossFit,” “Do u ever resurrect, bro” and “And verily did Jesus lift on every day; and lo, he skippeth not leg day. And there was much rejoicing and yelling of ‘bro!’.”


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