‘God Is Great’ Steph Curry Said After Winning 3rd NBA Title

“God Is Great” Steph Curry Declares After Winning 3rd NBA Title

‘God Is Great’ Steph Curry Said After Winning 3rd NBA Title
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Stephen Curry does not hesitate to proclaim his Christianity.

Steph Curry attributed his third NBA title to the beneficence of God.[/tweetit] The guard for Golden State Warriors said during his post-game interview that he was trying to keep his confidence during the game. He knew God has helped him to get this far and the Almighty will be with him regardless of whether he and his team wins or loses. He thus will have fun while playing the game.

“God Is Great” Steph Curry Declares After Winning 3rd NBA Title[/tweetthis]

Curry scored 37 points in Game 4. His score is impressive. In the NBA Finals Game 1, he enjoyed a score of 29 points, the highest among his teammates. In Game 2, he scored a top rank of 33 points. His performance dropped in Game 3, where he scored only 11 points. He got his mojo back in Game 4 and scored 37 points. The nine three-pointers scored by Curry in Game 2 constituted a record in the NBA finals.

Other than scoring record points for his team, Curry is known for being an outspoken Christian. He is seen wearing a distinctive Active Faith band. The band has the "In Jesus’ Name I Play" inscription. The player is adept at using social media to express his faith. His biography in Twitter mentions a biblical reference point. The bio also informs his marital status, conveying the name of his wife and two sons. The player showed empathy for his fellow team members multiple times. Patrick McCaw, his teammate, was injured during the play in March. Curry not only helped him, the player also conveyed his feelings on social media. He typed in Twitter to send prayers for his friend. He asked his well-wishers and fans to pray so that McCaw heals and becomes strong as before.

The gifted player does not hesitate to quote from the Bible. He posted a Bible verse sans commentary in the first week of June. The verse in question was Psalm 27:13-14. The said verse spoke about confidence and how a belief in God provides a much-needed succor. This is true, and one should trust in God even if good news comes after a long time. Steph Curry's wife Ayesha has her husband's proficiency in social media. Her subscribers have learned to expect faith-centric verses as a part of her daily routine.


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