‘God Friended Me’ Stars Share How the Show Changed Their Views on Religion

‘God Friended Me’ Stars Share How the Show Changed their Views on Religion

'God Friended Me' Stars Share How the Show Changed Their Views on Religion
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Two stars of the show have experienced different realizations about their religious life.

Violett Beane and Brandon Michael Hall, stars of the Sunday night show God Friended Me admitted that the CBS program gave them new perspectives concerning their faith.[/tweetit] The show has been a success so far, with the network commissioning it for a second season.

‘God Friended Me’ Stars Share How the Show Changed Their Views on Religion[/tweetthis]

The show has a good infusion of religion and faith and has a distinct subject matter at its core. The storylines and themes are crafted to affect not only the members of its audience but also the core matters as well. It is well that for the leads, God Friended Me is their first dip into acting success. The accompanying heady feeling provides the show’s co-leads time to reflect on the high-minded topics brought on by the show. Both Beane and Hall, in a media interview confessed the show made them reflect on their faith.

To the stars of God Friended Me, the show touched their professional lives in ways they had never imagined. Hall, who was raised in a religious environment due to his father being a pastor, plays the role of Miles Finer, an atheist who God becomes friends with online, says the role changed how he interacts with people whose beliefs are different than him. Hall said his role as an atheist made him see the world from a completely different perspective. This led to change his earlier views on the religion in which he was brought up. This does not mean, he hurriedly added, that he has become a non-believer.

Hall went on to claim the new knowledge gleaned from the show led him to a spiritual place where he could converse with people concerning spirituality. He has broken the shackles which closed his mind to other viewpoints and now can appreciate what other individuals believe and how they came to these conclusions. The actor ascribed his new found enlightenment to divine intervention. He termed his life experiences as little stepping stones to his ultimate destination.

Beane who plays Cara, another major character in God Friended Me, went through a different realization compared to her co-star. She is now considering a return to the religion she originally grew up in. Beane was raised a Quaker and frequently attended meetings in her childhood. These visits ceased when she reached adulthood. Since she now lives near a Quaker meeting, she is thinking of attending such meetings again.


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