The evangelist is trying to hijack a true protest movement to further his own agenda

Christian community leaders have waded into the controversy between NFL, NBA and President Donald Trump. They have urged Americans to be united for reconciliation and peace.

Evangelists are quick to seize the opportunity to further their own agenda. Particularly notable among them is Franklin Graham. In the middle of President Trump encouraging the American populace to boycott the NFL, Graham unashamedly provided his own selfish brand of perspective. He did not support the players, nor Trump. Instead, he wants every person to take a knee for Jesus.

In his social media post, Franklin Graham mentioned Stevie Wonder and how the latter said he will take both knees for America. The evangelist claimed that getting on both knees for prayer could make a difference. Praying for one another and for unity is a better task. Graham also asked his audience to pray for the United States of America, and inexplicably for its leaders as well. He mentioned a piece from a Psalm to back his statements.

The stance taken by Graham is not courageous. He wants everyone to be afraid of God, but, is himself afraid to take a stance against the Trump administration. The fact is that praying is completely useless. It has no effect on the outcome of things or events. It is hoped that Christians who complain about being persecuted, could actually be in empathy with the athletes who are protesting real persecution. It is pathetic to see evangelists bypassing the real issue to promote their own useless products.

President Trump is going all out to discredit the protesters. After several NFL players knelt and raised a fist, ignoring the American national anthem as a kind of protest against racial injustice, Trump told a rally in Alabama that the owner of those NFL teams should fire those players. The NFL was quick to hit back. Roger Goodell, the NFL Commissioner, said that the remarks made by Trump were “divisive.” A number of other teams also issued statements condemning the statements made by Trump.

Earlier, Golden State Warriors, the NBA champions of 2017, had announced their intention of skipping the traditional visit to the White House. This decision was made after the president criticized Steph Curry, who has declined to enter the White House in the middle of increasing racial tension. 


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