In the show, Sheldon vowed to destroy Pastor Jeff.

CBS' prequel spinoff to the highly popular show The Big Bang Theory is Young Sheldon. The star of the show is the titular character, a precocious kid with a knack for facts and a profound disbelief in the concept of God.

Young Sheldon itself is a popular show. Viewers are now especially interested in the episode of the show which was aired after the Texas church shooting. In that particular episode, Sheldon (played by the immensely talented Iain Armitage), stated his desire to destroy the pastor of the church he and his family frequent. The objective is to prove the non-existence of God.

The episode, titled “Poker, Faith and Eggs” was broadcast on November 9. The episode shows Sheldon attend church with his God-fearing family. The pastor of the church was all set to provide a speech proving the existence of the almighty when Sheldon interrupted him in the middle of service. Pastor Jeff said there is a 50/50 chance of God being real. Sheldon defied the pastor, saying he had mixed up “probabilities” and “possibilities”. He then told the pastor if the analogy of God is followed then there is an even a chance of finding a million dollars on his bed when he gets home. The pastor was clearly flustered, and with nothing to say, replied that famous scientists believed in God. Sheldon said it is interesting the pastor does not believe in Darwin's evolutionary theory but believes that the eminent scientist believed in God. The episode ended with the pastor telling the congregation what a sport Sheldon was.

Sheldon is not the type of boy to let go of things unfinished. He vowed to destroy the pastor the next week. The subsequent episode showed George Sr. suffer chest pains. Sheldon's mother Mary quickly hospitalizes him. Meemaw comes to their home to babysit. This is a scary situation for the kids as they have never before experienced one of their parents getting admitted to the hospital. They try to visit the hospital, but as they do not know the way, chase an ambulance to reach it. Meemaw has already reached the hospital by then and covers up for the kids when Sheldon's mother interrogates them. The next episode shows the young prodigy grilling the pastor about the First Day of Creation.


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