Meet CoverGirl’s Newest Ambassador: Muslim YouTuber Nura Afia

Meet CoverGirl’s Newest Ambassador: Muslim YouTuber Nura Afia

Meet CoverGirl’s Newest Ambassador: Muslim YouTuber Nura Afia

CoverGirl’s new hijab-wearing brand ambassador is beauty vlogger Nura Afia.

A few weeks ago, Indonesian Muslim fashion designer Anniesa Hasibuan created quite a storm in the fashion industry with her ingeniously crafted fashion that incorporated the traditional Islamic dress into modern fashion.

YouTuber Nura Afia, is the latest example of how religious tradition can meet modern fashion.

Meet CoverGirl’s Newest Ambassador: Muslim YouTuber Nura Afia[/tweetthis]

Among all the messages that this sends to people, perhaps the most important is that the clothing of Muslim women does not have the oppressive connotations that most people usually assume. Even politicians like Republican Donald Trump have said things that unapologetically hinted that Muslim women are not allowed to talk in a public forum. As such, how Muslim women like Hasibuan and Afia, even as “hijabis,” are making so much news is an interesting question to be asked.

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For Afia, her presence as a hijab-clad girl among other CoverGirls such as Sofia Vergara, Katy Perry, and Amy Pham is a matter of great pride to her community. She believes this is nothing short of an accomplishment for Muslim girls who have grown up believing their hijab would never allow them to come forward into the mainstream. With more than 200,000 followers on her YouTube makeup tutorial channel, this speaks volumes about how wrong society is to think a girl who adheres to the modest traditions of her religion cannot make it big in life.

One of the brand ambassadors of CoverGirl’s “So Lashy” mascara, Afia is a married woman and a mother as well. Making it on to a billboard in Times Square breaks many stereotypes people have: that a Muslim woman could never be the face of a fashion accessory, that a married Muslim woman cannot be seen in public, and that mothers can never focus on gaining professional success due to their roles at home. Her appearance as one of CoverGirl’s many faces also helps to boost the diminishing morale of American Muslims, thanks to the rampant growth of Islamophobia in the nation.

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When asked about her new role as a CoverGirl ambassador, Afia said rather than enjoying her personal fame, she derives greater joy from the fact that Muslims have been cast in a favorable light by CoverGirl. At a time when America is growing more and more hostile towards Muslims, the presence of a hijabi across its billboards, together with other women, will definitely make a strong statement.


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