Jake Phillips would like to live out his faith in peace as a cake artist

A Denver-area cake artist’s attorneys have filed to dismiss a lawsuit which aims to force the artist to create a cake with a message that goes against his religious beliefs . This is the third lawsuit in seven years against the cake artist, Jack Phillips.

His attorneys have argued that the cakeshop owner has already been through enough. The lawsuit is looking for $100,000 because the cake maker refused to make a transgender birthday cake.

Phillips happens to be the owner of Masterpiece Cakeshop in Lakewood. His shop has been operating since 1993. On July 22, his attorneys filed a motion to dismiss which read that Phillips would like to live out his faith in peace as a cake artist. Furthermore, Phillips would like to serve everyone while retaining his rights to decline messages which go against his beliefs.

Phillips has already won a previous court case against the state of Colorado. However, Scardina won’t have any of that.

The prosecutions in the past have dealt severe blows to Phillips. He has received numerous death threats, suffered vandalism, has lost seven years of his life, and employees, and almost half of his family’s income. He has experienced these things even though he won his legal battles.

Phillips current battle has the stakes even higher. Scardina is asking for $100,000 in addition to attorney fees. Ms. Scardina has sued Phillips because he refused to create a cake in honor of her transition from male to female. She said that Phillips’ discrimination is because she’s transgender.

The lawsuit says that Phillips refused to sell Ms. Scardina a birthday cake after he learned of her status as a transgender woman. Ms. Scardina has also said Phillips has violated the Colorado Consumer Protection Act. She says that he agreed to serve all customers, but if he is not in agreeance with message requests, he declines to make the cake.

Phillips said that his decision to not create the cake isn’t because of the person. He argued that he wouldn’t create the cake regardless of who asked for it because his Christian beliefs go against the requested message.

Alliance Defending Freedom has said that Scardina has previously asked Phillips to create a cake with satanic images. It’s about to get quite interesting to see whether Phillips wins this case.


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