Click and Pray with the Pope!

Pope Francis launches Click to Pray app

Pope Francis presented to the world the Vatican's most modern digital platform, which the Holy See administration named Worldwide Network of Prayer with the Pope. He unveiled the new app during the standard Sunday speech in front of the St. Peters’ Square crowd. The pontiff demonstrated how to launch the app by swiping a tablet. The new app is named Click to Pray. The new platform allows the faithful to see what the Pope is focusing his praryer on for the month and also offers daily prayers.

The official media unit of the Vatican describes the Click to Pray app as a platform which invites Catholics to accompany the pontiff in his compassionate mission all over the globe. The app, available on both iOS and Android, is accompanied by a website and its own social profiles on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. A website complements the app and is available in both iOS and Android format with its own social networks. The app is presently available in a total of six languages, English, German, Spanish, Portuguese, French, and Italian.

Click to Pray has three principal sections. The monthly prayer intentions of the pope are within the “Pray with the Pope” section. It contains in detail the many challenges facing the human race and the church’s mission. The second section is “Pray every day.” It has a prayer rhythm which involves three moments performed every day. The third is “Pray with the network.” It is a space where all users (including the pope) can share prayers with others. The pontiff’s personal profile can be located by clicking the Pope Francis button within the “Pray with the Network” section.

The Click to Pray app is the World Youth Day 2019's official prayer platform. The event kicked off yesterday in Panama and will run until January 27, 2019. The platform for this event includes one specially made multimedia section. Visitors can pray and meditate in this space.

Pope Francis has made earnest efforts to include technology in the Vatican. He tweets often and terms the Internet as a “gift from God.” He has now offered his followers an easy way to switch on their new smart technology devices. The app will allow them to know what the pope is praying for at any instant. The home screen of the app earnestly asks the user to engage in daily prayer and do the same with others. It also exhorts others to give to their respective communities. The pontiff’s words have been heard. Over 1.5 million prayers have been offered on the platform so far.