Pope Francis delivers motivational speech to young Catholics.

In his message to the Youths, the Holy Father Pope Francis have sent a special message  to the youths who will participate in the Jubilee days that are dedicated  to the youths which will happen on April 23-25. The Jubilee theme is set to be “Merciful like the Father.”

In his heart felt message, the Pope said to the youths that “To be merciful means to grow in a love which is courageous, generous and real. It means to grow physically and spiritually.” Likewise, “Jesus gives us this courage! … With him, we can do great things; he will give us the joy of being his disciples, his witnesses. Commit yourselves to great ideals, to the most important things.”

The Jubilee day is set to engage youths of 13-16 years where they will be taught values of being merciful as Christians. The Pope Francis urged the youths to have the courage to go against the tide. He encouraged the young people to stay strong on their faith, desire to live better lives in harmony and also to remember those who are disadvantaged in their societies.

As the church is celebrating the Holy Year of Mercy, he encouraged the youths by saying that everyone in the world deserve to be happy and to live in peace. The Father’s grace has no limits and it’s open to all believers in the world. He said “This grace-filled moment also concerns you, dear young people. I encourage you to take an active part in this celebration and to realize that each of you is a child of God I would like to invite you, one by one, calling you by name, as Jesus does each day. For you know that your names are written in heaven in the heart of the Father, that Merciful Heart which is the source of all reconciliation and kindness.”

The Jubilee theme outlined the importance of being merciful to others which is accompanied by love that is real, generous and courageous. It helps believers to grow both physically and spiritually. “Remain steadfast in the journey of faith, with firm hope in the Lord. This is the secret of our journey! He gives us the courage to swim against the tide. Pay attention, my young friends: to go against the current; this is good for the heart, but we need courage to swim against the tide. Jesus gives us this courage! … With him we can do great things; he will give us the joy of being his disciples, his witnesses. Commit yourselves to great ideals, to the most important things. We Christians were not chosen by the Lord for little things; push onwards toward the highest principles. Stake your lives on noble ideals” said the Holy Father.

Pope Francis also passed a message of hope to those who are disadvantaged in the society encouraging them not to lose hope in Christ. He said, “Here I cannot forget those of you who are living in situations of war, extreme poverty, daily troubles and loneliness. Don’t ever lose hope! The Lord has a great dream which, with your help, he wants to come true! Your friends, young people your age living in less trying conditions than your own, have not forgotten you; they are working for peace and justice for everyone everywhere. Don’t be taken in by the messages of hatred or terror all around us. Instead, make new friends. Give of your time and always show concern for those who ask your help. Be brave and go against the tide; be friends of Jesus, who is the Prince of Peace.”

“Everything in him speaks of mercy. Nothing in him is devoid of compassion.”

In conclusion, the Holy Father Pope Francis argued the youths to commit themselves and strive to grow strongly in faith and holiness by seeking the word of God that will help them make the world a better place. “May the Lord bless your journey towards the Holy Door. I pray that the Holy Spirit will guide your steps and enlighten you. For you and your families, and for all who help you to grow in goodness and in grace, may the Blessed Virgin Mary, Mother of us all, be true Door of Mercy.”


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