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Robin Williams was a funny, loving, and caring man. His suicide is mourned by many fans worldwide.

Robin Williams’ unexpected death on Monday was a complete shock to the world, especially because it appears to be a suicide through asphyxiation. That a man who has brought so much joy, laughter, and happiness to the world through his various acting roles – as well as his comedy and charitable giving – could be so unhappy is incomprehensible to many.

Robin Williams was raised in the Episcopalian faith by his father. His faith was important to him, but he also held no reservations in mocking his own – or others’ – religious beliefs. During one of his stand up routines he would joke, “I’m an Episcopal; that’s Catholic Lite. Same religion, half the guilt!

Not only was Robin Williams a successful comedic actor, but he also played a number of dramatic roles that touched many hearts and moved many eyes to tears. One film that particularly resonates with fans today is What Dreams May Come which featured him as a man who died and had to navigate the afterlife as his wife committed suicide. During a Reddit AMA (Ask Me Anything), when Robin was asked what he had learned from taking on that role, he answered: “That every moment in life is precious.”

Throughout his adult life, Robin Williams has struggled with addiction, particularly to cocaine and alcohol. He was sober for twenty years, but it was not to last. When he was 56, Robin realized that his struggle with alcohol addiction had become a problem again, and he checked himself into a rehabilitation clinic. After he came out that he admitted, “You get a real strong sense of God when you go through rehab.

The loss of Robin Williams is a deep and great one that the entire world will suffer, and our thoughts and prayers go to his friends and family who have been most deeply affected.

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