Pope Francis Emphasized the Value of Family During U.S. Visit

European Parliament is licensed under CC BY 2.0
European Parliament is licensed under CC BY 2.0
“In families there are always difficulties, but those difficulties are overcome by love.” -Pope Francis

During his attendance at the World Meeting of Families in Philadelphia, Pope Francis gave an impromptu message instead of reading his previously prepared speech. In his speech to the thousands of families who came from across America and the rest of the world, Francis said that the family is “the most beautiful thing that God created.”

In the event, the pontiff attentively listened to the stories of challenges and struggles of select families from Argentina, Australia, Jordan, Nigeria, Ukraine and others. After each family sharing, the Pope greeted the family members with a warm hug and short exchanges of messages.

The Pope acknowledged the value of the family that contributes to a strong and solid society that is edified on beauty of goodness and truth. He noted that because of crime, fratricide and conflict, men and women have eventually started dividing themselves and God’s love was almost lost. Bud God did not abandon mankind and continued expressing his love through Jesus Christ. Francis added that God sent Jesus to mankind through a family.

Pope Francis also discussed the common notion that it’s easy for the Pope to talk about perfect and happy families because he is not marred. The Pope told the attendees in a humorous way “sometimes people tell me ‘Father, you speak like that because you are not married.’ Families have difficulties… families, we quarrel. And sometimes plates can fly. Children bring headaches, and I won’t even speak about mothers-in law.”

The Pope agreed that challenges are but natural to all families. He further said that love is the best solution “In families there are always difficulties, but those difficulties are overcome by love. Hatred is not capable of dealing with any difficulty… Only love is able to overcome them.”

The Pope left the U.S. with a heart full of gratitude and hope

Before the Pope boarded the plane that took him back to the Vatican, he thanked everyone that he met and listened to his words in Washington, New York, and Philadelphia. But aside from showing happiness and gratitude, the pontiff also hoped that his American and world audience would act on the messages and issues he raised.

As Pope Francis cited “Your care for me and your generous welcome are a sign of your love for Jesus and your faithfulness to him. So too is your care for the poor, the sick, the homeless and the immigrant, your defense of life at every stage, and your concern for family life. In all of this you recognize that Jesus is in your midst and that your care for one another is care for Jesus himself.”

As the Pope was leaving, he remembered the families who are courageous enough to speak about their life’s journeys. He admitted being emotionally moved during the canonization of Saint Junipero Serra including his visit at the 9/11 memorial. In the end he prayed for America, which according to him, is the land “blessed with tremendous gifts and opportunities/” The Pope also asked for prayers and noted that he will leave “with a heart full of gratitude and hope.”

“In families there are always difficulties, but those difficulties are overcome by love.” @pontifex[/tweetthis]


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