Moroni Tops LDS Rome Italy Temple

Angel Moroni put in place on LDS Temple in Rome, Italy.

The upcoming Rome, Italy Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints received perhaps the most visible evidence that the building is close to completion: an angel Moroni statue.

Moroni Tops LDS Rome Italy Temple.[/tweetthis]

The 13-foot Moroni statue, gilded with 22-karat gold leaf that tops the Rome Italy Temple was lifted more than 150 feet into the air by a crane before setting it in place. The surface of the Moroni statue is so delicate that workers only touched it with gloved hands.[/tweetit]

Elder Larry Wilson, executive director of the Temple Department for the Church, commented on this historic day, saying, “The eternal city is known for its history, its beauty and as a place of worship and faith. We are so pleased to add our sacred temple to this Christian tradition.”

The Rome Temple, which will serve over 25,000 Church members both in Italy and surrounding countries, will add to the 155 temples in operation worldwide, which includes 12 in Europe.

Five other temples are scheduled to be dedicated and opened in 2017, located in Paris, France; Tucson, Arizona; Meridian, Idaho; and Cedar City, Utah. The Rome Temple should be dedicated in early to mid-2018, along with one in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Columbia, Chile, Brazil, Peru, Portugal, and Manitoba, among others will bring the total number of temples of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, as well as eight others that have been announced, to 177.


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