Ken Ham Wants People to Get Serious About the Bible

Ken Ham has laid out a new plan meant to start a movement to get people back to the Bible.

Answers in Genesis (AIG) founder, Ken Ham, believes Christianity requires another Reformation to restore it to its original Biblical values. Ham mourns that Christians today are not faithful to the Bible anymore. He believes just as Martin Luther’s 95 theses shook Christianity 500 years ago, a new reformation is urgently required if Christians have to come back to the scriptures.

Ken Ham Wants People to Get Serious About the Bible[/tweetthis]

Of all the religions in the world, Christianity is declining quickly. While many younger Christians are either becoming religious nones or even atheists, those who do remain Christians are increasingly becoming accepting of gay rights, abortion, and other issues traditionally shunned by Christianity.

The biggest disappointment to Ken Ham is that Christians are no longer taking the Bible seriously. Ham insists on a literal translation of the Bible. As such, the trend today to practice Christianity without taking the Bible in its literal sense is one of the biggest problems modern-day Christianity is facing, according to Ham.

Ham believes modern Christians are extremely confused about their spiritual identity. He pointed out the discrepancies in the results of a research by Ligonier Ministries and Lifeway Research. On one hand, 65% Americans believe God is a “perfect being and cannot make a mistake.” However, only 52% believe God is the author of the scripture. What is more absurd, according to Ham, is only 47% of the respondents believe the scripture is perfect and flawless. For Ham, this is a sign many Christians still don’t understand how great and vast God really is.

Ham has also announced five ways in which his AIG ministry is seeking to create a new reformation. First of all, the ministry will encourage young Christians to stand by the scripture boldly no matter what. Second, Christians have been called to strongly stand against what he calls “false teachings” of today. Third, he believes Christian parents should teach their children the creation story and reject evolution and the Big Bang Theory. Next, he asks Christians to “ignite a burden” in those who left Christianity to look for answers to the questions that led them away from the Bible, which he says will in turn lead them back to the Bible to receive “Christ as Savior.” Lastly, he believes parents have to take a proactive stance in raising their children to obey the Bible fully.

Ironically, traditional churches like the Catholic Church believe the Earth was formed through natural processes and accept the Big Bang Theory and evolution are true. Ken Ham even slammed Pope Francis for saying these scientific theories are true.


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