It’s a ‘Star Wars’ Kind of Christmas! Kessel Run to These Themed Church Services

Via video screenshot
Via video screenshot
Churches are going with a Star Wars theme this Christmas.

Perhaps one of the most awaited events this December aside from Christmas celebration is the official release of the Star Wars movie sequel The Force Awakens. But various churches have thought of new ways to combine both activities by offering Star Wars themed church services, promos, and nativity scenes.

It’s a ‘Star Wars’ Kind of Christmas! Kessel Run to These Themed Church Services[/tweetthis]

Movie-themed church service in Germany

The Zion Church in Berlin, Germany has announced their plans of hosting a special Star Wars service on Sunday, December 20. According to a news report, the church is planning to broadcast the 1982 film Star Wars: Return of the Jedi to its congregation. The young pastors Ulrike Garve and Lucas Ludewig were the men behind the idea.

According to Garve, they noticed similarities of the film to certain Christian traditions: “The more we talked about it, the more we saw parallels to Christian traditions in the films. We want to make these analogies clear to the congregation.”

Aside from the film showing, church music will also be based on the Jedi film. Additionally, there will be a costume contest for its members and winners can win tickets to the upcoming The Force Awakens public showing.

Darth Vader’s role at the Washington National Cathedral

To attract more visitors and in celebration of Darth Vader’s 30 years of presence at the Washington National Cathedral, the church has released a promotional video showing how the Star Wars character has served the cathedral in a quite interesting way. In the clip, Darth Vader is shown guarding and patrolling the church perimeter, doing the cleaning and janitorial work, performing clerical work, and even playing the organ and participating in mass and other services.

In 1986, Darth Vader became the final piece that completed the Cathedral. Instead of the usual church pinnacle, the north tower or “dark side” of the cathedral features the stone carved head of Darth Vader. It’s a result of the drawing contest for children announced by the cathedral back then when the church is in its final construction.

The National Cathedral has also an ongoing raffle open to everyone wherein at stake is the opportunity to be included in a special Gargoyle Tower tour that will bring winners close to the Darth Vader carving. The tour and extra prizes is valued at $350.

Star Wars nativity at Liquid Church

The online church services provider Liquid Church is planning to showcase a slightly different nativity scene on Christmas Eve. Instead of using traditional Christmas characters like Jesus, Mary and Joseph, the nativity scene will feature Leia, Han Solo and Chewbacca. Additionally, the Star Wars nativity will be portrayed by live actors. It’s open for free to the public but will require ticket reservation because of limited space or slots.

Can’t make it? Well, BenjaminApple has got you covered over at Channel “Ben” on YouTube. Stay in and cuddle up with your loved one and bask in the warming glow of this five-hour Darth Vader yule log video.


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