Intelligent Design Being Pushed in Bill for Arkansas Schools

Arkansas bill will allow creationism to be taught in public schools.

House Bill 2050 will allow the teaching of intelligent design and creationism in Arkansas public schools.[/tweetit] The bill was filed by State Representative Mary Bentley, a Republican lawmaker from Perryville. It is to be mentioned that similar Arkansas laws are held as unconstitutional by various courts. The Supreme Court of the United States stopped the teaching ban imposed by the state against theory of evolution. This order was passed in 1968.

Intelligent Design Being Pushed in Bill for Arkansas Schools[/tweetthis]

William R. Overton, a Judge of the U.S. District Court ruled in 1982 that the Act 590 of 1981 could be deemed unconstitutional. The law ordered the state to provide a balanced treatment to both evolution and creation science.

The proposed bill has a number of noticeable features. It does not provide lip service to creation myths to any religion. The only exception is Christianity. The bill is being pushed forward to advance the Christian cause. It follows that the House Bill is not connected with any kind of science education at all. One thing is apparent: Rep. Bentley, the sponsor, is plain ignorant of what science actually is. If is highly probable after a certain period of time, this people's representative will provide teachers the option to promote quackery like astrology, homeopathy and alchemy among others. At present, the bill is stuck with with the legislation. The latter has formed a committee to look into it. For all intents and purposes, the bill must not be allowed to proceed.

What the Republican Representative was truly trying to push was that science teachers must be permitted to preach Christian views other than imparting actual education to students. This step goes against the ruling of the Supreme Court which expressly forbids against Creationism being taught at state schools. A federal court has also ruled against the teaching of intelligent design. Both were clearly and illegally advancing religion but not teaching real science.

Other than the fact both of these concepts have zero basis in reason or evidence, it is also an attempt by a Republican to destroy the education of science from outside. The alma-mater of State Representative Mary Bentley, the sponsor, says it all. She graduated from Harding College. This educational institution is an affiliate to the Church of Christ. 


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