Universal Judgment

High Tech Sistine Chapel Installation Highlights Michelangelo’s Work

Universal Judgment
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The concept was Marco Balich’s brainchild

The Sistine Chapel located in the Vatican is a must see for every visitor to Rome. People come in droves to absorb the beauty and majesty of the Michelangelo painted frescoes. Visitors now have yet one more attraction to enjoy: Universal Judgment: Michelangelo and the Secrets of the Sistine Chapel. It comprises an immersive surround sound show complete with live performances done by acrobats, dancers, and actors. High definition projections and orchestral music emphasize the master painter's depiction of the Last Judgment and Genesis. The talent of the Renaissance master is shown like never seen before.

High Tech Sistine Chapel Installation Highlights Michelangelo’s Work[/tweetthis]

Marco Balich, former director of multiple Olympic ceremonies, created this high technology Sistine spectacle. He said there was a need to inspire the younger generation about culture and beauty in their mother language. He designed the show to be of one-hour duration. High-resolution images are projected on to the roof, in front, and on the sides. Actors enthrall the audience from all over, flying all around conveying essential messages that are easily understood.

Visitors do not have to walk around or physically exert themselves to enjoy this spectacle. They simply have to sit on comfortable theater seats and gaze on the stunning scenes unfolding before their eyes. The audience for the show was diverse from the start. Families and teenagers took up all the seats of Auditorium Della Conciliazione. They were awestruck by the iconic image of the outstretched finger of God when he was giving life to Adam.

Out of one hour, the narration lasts for a total of 16 minutes. The voice explains how Michelangelo, by profession a sculptor, was summoned in 1508 by the then Pope Julius II. The pontiff commissioned the artist to paint the chapel ceiling. The artist, who has no previous experience of fresco painting, did what he was told. Michelangelo painted 10,000 square feet within a time span of 500 days. The result was so impressive that Pope Clement VII recalled him after 20 years to paint the stunning Last Judgment above the chapel altar.

"I wanted to have the voice of God to be a woman," Balich said. Portions of Genesis are recited by actress Susan Sarandon, explaining how the frescoes show the world's Biblical creation.

Ariana Grande attended last night’s Met Gala wearing a dress designed by Vera Wang depicting Michelangelo’s The Last Judgement. The actress turned singer also tweeted a video this morning:


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