Gods Doors Open to All

Colorful Rainbow Church Sign Declares: “God’s Doors are Open to All”

Gods Doors Open to All

Newman Congregational Church in Rhode Island is displaying a unified message that supports same-sex equality.

In front of the , a part of the United Church of Christ denomination, in Rhode Island, there is a set of 6 rainbow colored doors, each one a separate hue of the rainbow. Upon each door, they carry one word in the sentence “God’s doors are open to all.” The doors have been standing there since the 40th annual Providence-held Pride Parade, where it was displayed at their booth. The whole church came together to put these doors together, creating a unified message that supported same-sex equality. The doors were originally placed directly in front of the pulpit.

This church put doors out front with the words: God's Doors Are Open To All #pride #lovealwayswins

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Michela Gillett was given the idea from a friend who had created a similar project. The 29-year-old mother and senior high youth coordinator said that she felt that her church wasn’t “doing a lot in the community” to demonstrate their “open” policy and send a message of welcome to anyone. She went on to explain how she and her church had worked together, funding the paint money and choosing the doors from the church’s closets. They volunteered to paint the doors and apply the white vinyl lettering, along with their children. They had also created their own banner that read “Jesus didn’t reject anyone. Neither do we.”

Among the many churches that claim the right to discriminate, these doors symbolize the changing perspectives. The UCC had previously voted, in 2005, to have same-sex marriage legalized. In addition, they have always embraced those who were different from themselves, complete with having an excellent relationship with other churches, synagogues, mosques and other houses of worship, along with other denominations and specific pastors who have also shown support in favor of same-sex marriage. Overall, more and more religious leaders have made their support known, particularly since the passing of the recent Supreme Court announcement that same-sex marriage was legalized.


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