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Founder of Christian and Faith-Based Social Media Platform Offers Advice on how Social Media can Connect Younger Generations with Religion

Social media is changing the way people talk about faith and share religious experiences and perspectives. It is also a great way to involve younger generations who may not be growing up with religion in their households. In fact, according to The Los Angeles Times back in 2015, there have been several national studies that report the number of American children raised without religion has grown significantly since the 1950s, when fewer than 4% of Americans reported growing up in a nonreligious household. With this growing number, how can younger generations who may not be exposed to religion use social media to connect with their spirituality?

Donald Cyprian, Founder of Instant Christ™, the first-ever Christian and faith-based social media platform, offers 5 ways social media connects religion to younger generations:

1. Prayer apps

Millennials and Generation Y use mobile devices to communicate; they chat with friends, post photos or find the latest news on their favorite celebrity. Prayer apps ensure a spiritual connection in an instant. There are several prayer apps like and that connect faith-based people to share in each other’s prayer needs. These apps make great tools for managing prayer in a safe, digital environment so that people can express themselves without secular distractions.

2. Capture Miracles in Real Time

With the advent of social media, there is an instant connection with the world that allows for miracles to be captured, recorded and shared in real time. This instant connectivity makes religion and spirituality come alive in a way that has never been measured before. Younger generations can witness miracles online first-hand and can connect virtually with others who witnessed the same miracles. This provides users with a sense of community and a way to share amazing experiences like no other community on social media.

3. The Big Three

With social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, it makes it easy for users to express themselves spiritually in religiously diverse communities. These platforms enable users to find and build online relationships with like-minded individuals. As soon as you post a comment or upload a picture or video, you can easily reach a large number of people in a short period of time who may feel the same sense of spirituality as you. When you need help, want to pray or share what’s in your spirit, there are no three bigger platforms to reach others than Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

4. The YouTube Effect

YouTube makes it easy for choirs, churches pastors and young performers to showcase their faith-based talents to reach large-scale audiences. Users can search and find their favorite choirs and share in the daily prayers of ministers and pastors located anywhere in the world. There are even channels that serve as practical resources and workshops for religious education such as,, and channels that provide religious perspectives on every topic that matters to young-adults, i.e. life, religion, relationships and entertainment like Ignitum Today.

5. Digital Communication

Smart phones and other digital platforms like the iPad, iPod and Kindle brings the Word of God to younger generations on their terms. For example, large mainstream religious platforms like Joel Osteen’s ministry and the 700 Club can broadcast via live streaming Podcasts, eliminating the need to tune in from mainstream media (TV/Radio), where the younger generations simply are not tuning in.

About Donald Cyprian

Donald Cyprian is the founder and CEO of Instant Christ™, LLC. A web developer based in Houston, Texas, Mr. Cyprian also holds a full time position as the finance manager for the leading Mercedes Benz dealership in Houston and he is the #1 financier among more than 250 dealerships across the nation. He has teamed up with Zapporoo for the development of Instant Christ to transform his idea into a marketable platform. Mr. Cyprian grew up poor, his mother a housekeeper at a hotel and his father a custodian. His mother made sure that he and his siblings grew up in the church and he saw how God worked things out for his family, particularly when they were struggling. After graduating from high school Mr. Cyprian worked at various jobs until he entered the car business in 1996 and learned that he was a natural born salesman. Mr. Cyprian received a finance certificate through Toyota Financial Services and became an entrepreneur and ordained minister, founding Instant Christ™ at the age of 46.

About Instant Christ™

Instant Christ™ is a patent pending Revolutionary platform that will bring Kingdom Citizens together worldwide. Similar to the commonly known social media applications, but far more advanced and without the secular distractions, Instant Christ ™ is revolutionary in that it is totally faith-based, bringing people together in a safe, positive digital environment. Founded by entrepreneur and ordained Minister, Donald Cyprian, and his wife, Cenaca, the Cyprian’s completely surrendered their lives to God and hope to change the world with Instant Christ. It was Mr. Cyprian who received a call that delivered a message from God which told him to start Instant Christ™.


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