Musician Rory Feek supports his daughter even though it’s not in line with conservative Christian teachings.

A few Christian bookstores have informed Rory Feek, the chart-topping country musician, that they will be unable to retail his new book, Once Upon a Farm: Lessons on Growing Love, Life, and Hope on a New Frontier. The reason? One chapter in his book is dedicated to daughter Hopie's relationship with another woman. Feek shared details of his predicament on his blog, comparing the distribution of his second book with the first one, This Life I Live.

The 53-year-old singer recounts in detail in the chapter about how he reacted when she informed him about her sexual orientation. He and Joey, his wife, had an inkling of their daughter's sexuality when they found she was uncomfortable around men. They, however, dismissed any notion of her being gay. On the contrary, both Rory Feek and Joey Feek prayed Hopie would find the right man to settle down. Rory’s wife Joey died in 2016 of cervical cancer.

Hopie is Feek's middle daughter. The offending chapter details his understanding of faith and ultimately love. Heidi, his oldest daughter, is an outspoken atheist. The Christian booksellers have no problems with an atheist mindset. They, however, draw the line at Hopie, who, ironically, terms herself as a Christian with some disagreements on church doctrine.

Feek now holds the belief God has answered his prayers, albeit in another way. Hopie is now engaged to Wendy and will be married at Feek's farm toward end of the year. Hopie will get full support from her father. He is proud of his daughter. When asked how he feels as a Christian with a daughter who is not following the conservative tradition, he replied that he is excited about the event as the day will be a special one for a person who is truly special to him and his daughter’s special someone. Feek said he is not the judge as per Christian theology. He is okay with such events as faith is a personal choice and Hopie's personal faith is her own.


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