Chris Pratt Is on the Bible-based Daniel Fast Diet

Chris Pratt’s New Diet, the “Daniel Fast” is Based on the Bible

Chris Pratt Is on the Bible-based Daniel Fast Diet
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Chris Pratt is undertaking 21 days of fasting and prayer.

Actor Chris Pratt has begun a new diet plan inspired from the Bible[/tweetit], the Daniel Fast diet. It will last a total of 21 days and involve not only fasting but also intensive prayer sessions. The Biblical Daniel Fast encourages participants to be nearer to God via petition, prayer, and a special diet.

Chris Pratt’s New Diet, the “Daniel Fast” is Based on the Bible[/tweetthis]

Pratt has confirmed the same through his Instagram account. He greeted his followers by saying it was his third day of the Daniel Fast. He then joked that since the fast coincides with the press tour for his new movie, Lego Movie 2, “by the time you see me I’ll probably be hallucinating.”

The Bible-centric fast is Old Testament inspired and seemingly based on the prophet Daniel. The diet limits its participants to unleavened breads, vegetables, and fruits. The Daniel Fast follows standard Jewish fasting principles. The diet instructs its followers to eat only food that are grown from seed. Water is the sole permitted beverage. As per the website, the diet is similar to entering a time of extended prayer. Doing the Daniel Fast is similar to pausing one’s life to be closer to God. As the participant opens the heart to the Almighty, then the Holy Spirit also joins in the experience.

Pratt, 39-years-old, is reprising the role of Emmett in the upcoming sequel of The Lego Movie. The talented actor has always been open about being a devout Christian. In an earlier media interview, he said he felt he has been given a platform and an opportunity. He is a person with immense faith in God and said that there is a good reason as to why he was provided an opportunity.

The Daniel Fast is not the only diet which is taken from the Bible. A plant-heavy diet has been long practiced by the Seventh-day Adventists. Many followers of this Christian strain mentioned the diet as a secret of their longevity.


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