Anti-China Forces Criticize Uighur Crackdown

Chinese Spokesperson Refutes Claims China has Muslim Internment Camps

Anti-China Forces Criticize Uighur Crackdown
By VOA [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons
Foreign minister spokesperson says there are ulterior motives behind these unfounded claims and criticisms

In a response to a United Nation’s panel announcing they have received reports from credible sources that China is keeping a million Uighurs[/tweetit] – an ethnic Muslim minority in the north-western part of the country – in internment camps, the Foreign Minister spokesperson said these are unfounded claims trying to criticize China’s anti-terrorism measures.

Chinese Spokesperson Refutes Claims China has Muslim Internment Camps[/tweetthis]

The situation in Xinjiang

Security has dramatically increased in Xinjiang during the last few years, as China says the region is in danger because of threats from Islamist terrorists and separatists. These people try to create tension between the Uighur minorities, most of whom are Muslims, and the Han Chinese ethnic majority. Checkpoints where police are armed, re-education or indoctrination centres as well as mass DNA collection are some of the measures that have been taken by the government for “security” measures.

In a press briefing, Lu Kang, the spokesperson for the foreign minister was asked about the criticism from foreign media regarding the UN panel’s allegations. He said the Chinese delegation in the United Nations has submitted a detailed report of the measures China has taken, and the progress it has made regarding the protection of the rights of various ethnic minority groups. He added that the country’s “efforts and achievements” have been affirmed by the UN.

In his response, Lu also put the blame on what he called “anti-Chinese forces” for making false and baseless accusations against the country solely for political purposes. He also attacked foreign media, saying they were falsely reporting information in attempts to smear the efforts the Chinese government has made to fight crime and terrorism in Xinjiang. Lu said there were ulterior motives behind such slandering and criticisms.

No ethnic conflict in Xinjiang

In contrast to what is bring reported, both the political and economic situations in Xinjiang are steady, and there is no conflict between the ethnic communities living there. The people there are enjoying living in a harmonious community where they can work and live in peace, Lu said, adding, “Any defamatory rumors are futile.”

Even though China officially grants its citizens freedom of religion, there have been various instances where this right is taken away from the people due to the “Sinification” policy. Mosques have been shut down and Muslim kids are barred from participating in Islamic activities.


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