CBD Not Sold Here: Christian Book Distributors Changes Name

After 40 years known as CBD, the bookseller now operates as Christianbook

Christian Book Distributors (CBD) has had to change their business’s name after a long 40 years of business. This is because of confusion with the cannabis-derived compound, which is known as CBD.

The business was started around forty years ago by two brothers. The brothers, Ray and Stephen Hendrickson, started the business to sell Christian books, games, toys, Bibles and home-schooling materials. However, with the increasing popularity, the company has experienced some customer errors.

The company released a statement stating that many people across the United States “see signs for ‘CBD sold here’ which results in a lot of confusion as to the brand. Now our CBD is nowhere to be found in the search results, only sites for the cannabis product are listed.”

The company has admitted that the wave of popularity over CBD isn’t going away anytime soon. The bookseller has dropped ‘Distributors’ from its name, now doing business as Christianbook.

Ray Hendrickson said that this kind of attention overwhelms their brand and someone looking for cannabis products may call the bookseller in error.

Centre for Medicinal Cannabis research has revealed that the market for CBD could be worth as much as £1bn a year in the UK by 2025. Cannabidiol doesn’t give the user a ‘high.’ It is used to treat many different diseases and can be infused into almost everything from truffles to bath bombs.

Hendrickson said his mother saw a sign that said ‘CBD sold here,’ as they were driving and he had to explain that was another company.


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