Call for Increased Security After Threat to Houston Mosque

Call for Increased Security After Threat to Houston Mosque

Call for Increased Security After Threat to Houston Mosque [CC BY-SA 3.0], via Wikimedia Commons
Houston’s Baitus Samee Mosque under threat

A user of online forum 4chan said that he had stopped for his last meal in a Subway restaurant. The user said that he was going to drive over to Houston’s Baitus Samee Mosque so that he would be able to re-create the March New Zealand mosque massacre that resulted in dozens dead.

Call for Increased Security After Threat to Houston Mosque[/tweetthis]

The user spoke derogatorily about Islam writing, “Kebab is like cancer, if you remove it early than (sic) you won’t die.”

The Houston chapter of the Council of American-Islamic Relations (CAIR Houston) has asked for increased security at religious institutions across the entire state[/tweetit]. They have asked the FBI to join the investigation.

The 4chan user didn’t carry out his/her threat. The user 24-year-old self-identified as a fascist and posted the praised New Zealand shooter as “our Hero.”

Lubabah Abdullah, executive director of the CAIR-Houston Chapter, said that it is important to take these threats seriously based on recent events targeting American Muslims, other minorities, and immigrant communities. He added that it was of the highest importance to bring the perpetrators to justice.

Last month, CAIR reported over 500 incidents of anti-Muslim abuse in the U.S. over the previous year.

On the property next the Baitus Samee’s Mosque lives Imam Rizwan Khan. He has said that their concern isn’t with terrorists he clarified that their”concern is with the ideology of ignorance, of racism, white nationalism and white supremacy, and the environment of hate in our country that allows people to want to kill anyone they disagree with.”

Police arrested a man named Dakari Deener on May 24th after he threatened to return to the mosque to shoot it up with friends. When asked about Dakari, Khan said that it “was a second-degree threat made out of anger,” and the threat on 4chan was different as it is “from an ideological basis of creating terror.”

No arrests have been made from the 4chan threat. The 4chan warning follows a series of anti-Muslim harassment issues in the state.


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